Start With The Bed

The most important piece of furniture in the home is the bed. Ponder this: For about one-third of our lives, our entire body is in close, direct contact with the materials we sleep in and on. We literally inhale, at very close range, whatever is in those materials:

  • dust mites and mold in synthetic mattresses that trap moisture
  • toxic chemicals from fire retardants called semi-volatile organic compounds
  • particularly those found in poly foams and battings
  • synthetic chemicals found in glues
  • fabric treatments and dyes
  • pesticide residues in conventional wool and cotton battings.

During sleep our bodies let down, shed metabolic waste, regroup and regenerate.

Mattresses and bed systems made with high quality 100% natural Talalay Rubber, Organic Eco-Wool and Organic Cotton are my preference.

Organic Wool is naturally fire retardant, wicks and dries moisture away from the body, and is naturally dust mite resistant.

Talalay 100% Natural Rubber is metal free and motion transfer is virtually eliminated. Talalay 100% Natural Rubber also offers pressure point relief and increases air circulation for cool sleeping. Anti-microbial and anti-fungal are also huge benefits.

The average body loses about a pint of vapor into the bed every night so it is important that your bed wicks and dries so that the conditions dust mites and mold love are eliminated.