Where It Comes From
Natural Rubber is a renewable resource. It is the milk or sap tapped from the Hevea Brasilienisis – the common rubber tree – grown on Malaysian/Thailand plantations especially selected for their high quality product. Our supplier is located in the area that produces the finest quality rubber for mattress use; an extremely durable, elastic material is manufactured where the sap is harvested, helping to sustain the local economy and provide jobs without depleting the natural resources of the country of origin.

An important element of the manufacturing method is the processing of the Hevea milk close to the plantation because rubber destabilizes when it is kept too long. This can be avoided by the addition of chemicals, but since we want our products as pure as possible, we do not do this. For our product, the milk is harvested in the morning and by afternoon it is being molded into sheets that are shipped to Canada where they are expertly converted into wonderful, natural, organic beds and bedding.


Benefits of Natural Rubber

  • It’s a little known fact that Hevea milk contains an antibacterial substance that is a natural dust-mite repellent.
  • Superior durability and elasticity (for mattress longevity)
  • Retention of shape and firmness (for even support)
  • Flexibility combined with stability (for continuous sleep comfort)
  • Excellent heat and moisture regulation
  • Superior air circulation (for preventing the growth of molds and mildew)
Pure wool  

Our Organic mattresses are made with organic wool batting that is 100 percent pure. Our wool is processed without chemicals, dyes, or oils, meaning that it contains no residues from the processing–just time-honored warmth and absorbency. Certified Organic by GOTS – developed to unify organic standards within the industry so that manufacturers can market their products to different countries under one certification that is acceptable in all major markets of the world.

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Certificates available upon request


Incomparable Care
The pure wool we use in the quilting process is shorn from sheep that have grazed only in pastures free from pesticides and herbicides. The wool is washed without detergents, chemicals, chlorine or bleach – just hot water and soap. It is processed without the use of oils or bonding agents, so it just doesn’t get any purer than that.

With the craftsmanship born of centuries of experience, the company processes the raw fleece into a high quality end-product through careful sorting, washing and drying – a 100% organic process that does not involve the use of any chemicals or bleach. The wool fiber produced retains 1 -2% lanolin oil; a completely natural dust-mite repellant.

Our organic wool comes from Argentina, in the region of Tierra Del Fuego in Patagonia.

The sheep are bred carefully and live a stress-free life, the Estencia (farms) are very large, 50km x 50 km, this means that they only encounter humans twice a year, once for check-ups and once to get shaved.

The climate in Patagonia is very dry, filled with short grubs and rocks. Because of this climate, no agriculture has ever grown on this land, leaving the soil pure and organic. The temperature ranges between 8°C and 25°C, keeping their furs thick all year round.

The type of sheep is called Corriedale, they provide wool that is denser, more resilient to its shape and that has a rough finish. All these properties make horrible sweaters but are excellent for mattresses, pillows and comforters.

We monitor our products very carefully. We do not permit the use of plastic, baling twine, mothballs or strong chemicals to remove impurities. We use only vegetable based soaps and other agents for washing, lubrication and static control.

All wool we use to manufacture our batting is certified through OIA and GOTS, both being the strongest independent Organic Certifiers in the World. All Certifications are available upon request.

Benefits Of Organic Wool

  • Naturally flame-retardant
  • Absorbent (it can absorb 30 percent moisture and remain dry–excellent in cases of “night sweats”)
  • Resilient in form and shape, for comfort and for aesthetics
  • Cool in summer, warm in winter
  • Naturally repellent to dust mites
Organic Cotton  

In our carefully constructed natural mattresses, we start with organically grown and harvested pure cotton. Absolutely no green cotton is used in our mattresses. Chemical-free and certified organic to the highest standards available today, our products allow you to sleep and to breathe naturally.

Our Organic Cotton is certified by

GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standards)


Our Organic Certifications are available upon Request.

Incomparable Purity
Cotton grown in industrialized countries is commonly saturated with pesticides and herbicides. The plant also absorbs all the chemicals that modern fertilizers deposit in the soil. In addition, machine-picked cotton is often full of impurities, oil, leaves, and dirt.

If all the cotton in the world were grown organically, the use of insecticides would be reduced by 25 percent. Working toward that end, we buy only hand-picked and chemical-free cotton. The crop is cultivated in a centuries-old traditional cooperative manner in the Cañete and Chincha valleys high in the Peruvian Andes. No defoliants, herbicides, pesticides, or synthetic fertilizers are used to control plant growth, fight pests, or fertilize the crop. No synthetic chemicals are used to strip the leaves in preparation for the harvest or during the manufacturing process. Hand-picking ensures that the resulting cotton fiber is the cleanest, purest, most resilient available.

GOTS Stamp of Approval
Europe’s oldest and most prestegise certifier has certified the organic cotton. Their stamp of approval is not only a guarantee of organic standards, but also that the social rights of cotton producers are respected.

All the Organic Cotton used in our batting, filling and fabrics is this clean, pure, organic product. It is woven to very high standards into the finest, softest fabrics, in Peru and Belgium.

Benefits of Organic Cotton

All of the cotton used in the natural mattress batting, filling, and fabric is the cleanest, most pure organic product available today.

  • Void of toxic chemicals that might be inhaled during sleep
  • Comfortable and soft, so that skin is never irritated
  • Absorbent and breathable, maximizing air circulation and minimizing perspiration
  • Strong and resilient in shape, color, and texture–a must for aesthetics, functionality, and excellent return on investment

Renewable Canadian Hardwood
Natural wood slat foundations are hand-constructed in our plant from seasoned, untreated, carefully selected natural woods such as spruce.

Where It Comes From
Incomparable selectivity in harvesting and manufacture the wood used is obtained by the sustainable harvesting method (called jardinage in Quebec). This method is a selective process in which a government trained forestry specialist inspects trees in designated areas. The age and number of trees per acre that can be harvested are specified. Once approval for cutting has been given, other forestry personnel inspect the cutting operation to protect the forest from intrusive damage. If damage is found, it must be rectified immediately to restore balance.

Our Wood – Superior Construction
These wood slat foundations are made exclusively of kiln-dried spruce. The slats are strong, yet flexible, providing perfect support and unmatched comfort.

The slats are extremely firm and provide perfect support and unmatched comfort for our foundations. No synthetic glues, dyes or finishing sprays are used at any stage of production. The base and top structure are assembled from wood slats and beams, each piece individually crafted by a skilled cabinetmaker following a traditional European design. At the finishing stage, only the finest natural waxes and non-toxic oils are used on the wood.

Benefits of Untreated Wood
Wood is never treated with synthetic glues, dyes, or finishing sprays at any stage of production. Your home environment is therefore protected from the toxic “off-gassing” that accompanies the use of these harsh chemicals.

  • Eliminate cracking noises through the use of extra-strong wood slats
  • Eliminate creaking noises owing to sound, fitted, supportive box-style frames