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Organic Pillows

A Pillow To Inspire Your Dreams

A chemical free pillow covered in certified organic cotton is an ideal complement to an organic mattress. It is a simple first step to creating a healthy bedroom. When changing from conventional to organic an organic pillow is a great place to start. 

There are several types of fill from soft to firm. Great for allergy relief because they are dust mite resistant. Extremely comfortable pillows that will give you years of healthy sleeping comfort. Handmade with quality in the USA.

OMI offers a complete line of organic pillows made with organic Eco-Wool™ , certified organic cotton, 100% natural rubber latex in several different styles. They are all covered with beautiful certified organic cotton woven mattress fabric.

There are over 400,000 pillows sold in the United States every day...make sure you get a healthy one!

100% natural shredded rubber latex surrounded by an outer chamber filled with Eco-Wool™

The best way to protect the surface of all pillows from staining and to ultimately extend the life of the pillow.

For those seeking a firmer, flatter pillow, our cotton pillows are filled with pure, sanitized 100% certified organic cotton.

Wool offers a soft and springy fill, and tends to “sleep cooler” and compact less than cotton fill.