Organic Eco-Wool™ Pillows

100% Organic Eco-Wool™ Pillows


In general, wool offers a soft and springy fill, and tends to “sleep cooler” and compact less than cotton fill. Available in two weights: medium and full. (Please note: wool pillows compress approximately one-third over time.)


See our Pillow Selection Guidelines PDF for help with selecting your pillow. 


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  • Standard ~ King

  • Boudoir (12 x 16)

  • Euro Pillow (26” x 26”)

  • Body (12 x 16)  


Which Pillow Weight? 


In selecting the loft of a wool or cotton pillow, sleepers can follow these general guidelines:


MEDIUM for back or side sleepers.

FULL for side or back sleepers.


Care Instructions:

To renew and deodorize a wool or cotton pillow, expose it to fresh air and sunlight for a couple of hours. To eliminate odors, sprinkle baking soda on the pillow’s slightly dampened surface, then when dry, simply vacuum it up. These pillows are not washable. Pillow barrier covers are recommended to protect the cover from stains.