Wool Comforter


If you had to choose on piece of luxury for you bed this would be it. Every family should have one.


For all seasons plush layers of premium organic eco wool™ are quilted into a soft certified organic sateen cover.


Light weight and wonderful insulating qualities wool is comfortable all year long. Dust mite resistant and sewn with attention to detail we receive only rave reviews on this comforter.


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Comforter Twin (68 x 86),  Full / Queen (86 x 86),  King (100 x 86)


Care Instructions:

Since our wool is 100% natural and not treated, our Comforter should not be wet washed or dry-cleaned. We recommend spot cleaning only and airing in sunlight. To protect against soiling and to ensure longevity, Comforter should be placed in a washable duvet or comforter cover.