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Allergy Relief

Maybe it is not time for a new mattress. ~ Protect yourself ~your bed is a haven for microscopic dust mites, offering the warmth, moisture and food (human skin flakes) for them to thrive. While they don’t bite, dust mites can trigger a host of allergic reactions including:

Chronic Sinusitis - Sinus Congestion - Asthma Attacks - Allergic Eczema

Dust mite barrier covers protect your mattress and pillows from infestations of dust mites.   Tightly woven 100% organic cotton prevents dead skin from getting into your mattress or pillows and attracting mites. A zipper allows easy on/off for laundering. You can’t wash your mattress, but you can wash your barrier covers. Standard sizes for different mattress depths. Comes in all mattress sizes Crib-King ~ All Pillow sizes, and all duvet sizes.   Made in the USA.

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Complete indoor air solutions


Organic Dust mite encasements.

The best way to protect the surface of all pillows from staining and to ultimately extend the life of the pillow.

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